Stella only makes sense Politically?

Image Courtesy; Matooke Republic

Extract the politics and writing skill out of Stella Nyanzi’s diatribe and see what you remain with.

And if you insist on evaluating her only outside a moral framework, you also risk the assumption that human rights aren’t inherently moral, and Roosevelt, of the Human Rights Declaration fame, would also disagree with you, because she believed all humans “are endowed,” yes “endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

We could stay on that single word for a while.


Yes, all human beings are “endowed”, those who shaped human rights acknowledged the presence of a creator; Christians already understand that the creator has actually not left the universe to morally fend for itself.

He has provided a moral framework, not to just police us around, but one under which humanity is designed to flourish, to violate that, even in the name of freedom of expression, is consequential.

Well, back to Stella, if we (and I am talking to Christians here) are going to vouch for this kind of ‘no-holds barred’ feminist worldview, we better know we are not merely dealing with politics here – a lot’s at stake., including human flourishing.

Eternally speaking, Christians especially, are better off rejecting this brand of moral cowardice being exhibited right before our eyes.


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