Feminism, Just Like Patriarchy, Leaves Nobody Happy.

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Listen to the comments at a boda boda stage, as a young woman walks past, and you will tell – superiority is the air some males in our society often exhale.

Alternatively, scroll through your Twitter timeline and see the opposite, young educated, articulate, often zealous women bent on overturning what they deem as widespread male domination in our society, in 140 characters or less.

But who of these turns out happier? Don’t wait for the answer – none.

This of course begins with admitting, like author Matt Chandler would say, that “happiness is what drives everything we do, ” – even when fighting for women’s rights or exercising our chauvinism.Christian men however understand first that patriarchy is real, and second, that the driving idea that “males acquire more power and status by looking down on women in their world” is foreign to scripture.

Likewise, Christian Women also understand, and even empathize, with the plight of a poor, abused woman somewhere in Eastern Uganda, without necessarily endorsing a scorched earth policy against all males in society. After all, real men treat their women as fellow heirs of grace.


Both Christian women and men then deeply appreciate God’s beautiful design that we are all equal in worth, value, everything– yet our roles in God’s design remain distinct. What then are we left with?

God’s word.

The liberating freedom of knowing Christ frees us from the tyranny of both feminism and patriarchy.

We acknowledge that, no matter our Gender, all have sinned and fallen short of his glory, and until the gospel rescues our worldview on Gender, nobody will turn out happier, whether they live like a militant feminist or an Arrogant Patriarch.

4 thoughts on “Feminism, Just Like Patriarchy, Leaves Nobody Happy.

  1. I like when you say, ” After all, real men treat their women as fellow heirs of grace.”
    I disagree with you when you make Feminism the opposite of Patriarchy. I appreciate that there is a misconception about what feminism is really about and this is partly because of what some ‘feminists’ are communicating to the public.
    Feminism is about gender equality, the message of feminism is that men and women are equal. None is superior to the other.
    Allow me to share a link to a blog related to this topic https://arindaphine.wordpress.com/2017/03/15/the-symbiosis-of-gender-relations-another-equality-rant-or-science-that-you-will-believe/

    1. Interesting this Arinda (FYI Dr Julius is the Pastor where myself and Rhionah go in BPC Bukoto) now you have an excuse to come along with us, yet again next Sun. 🙂

      Anyway, the Gender discourse needs more than keyboard typing yet what Dr Juluis said affirms the biblical truth that

      “Men and women are equal in value (As both in the Image of God) yet distinct in roles.”

      Analogically speaking, a kilogram of cotton is equal to a kilogram of stones but the two are not the same.

      It’s actually our cultural worldview that introduces worth(according to prevailing ever-changing trends) into the discussion, cultures throughout history have attached different worth on different genders based on changing things like jobs, wealth etc

      so basically humanity is what distorts Gender, not God.

      So therefore, feminism(however well intentioned) in its oft-aggressive push as witnessed today literally comes off like Patriarchy.

      “For in Christ there is neither male nor female.” (Gal 3:28)

      PS; Daph, I suggest we have an extended chat about this over coffee when you come to visit us and see the baby too. 🙂

      Yes, its this important.

      1. Oh. Dr. Julius is your pastor. Wow. I should attend. I liked his approach to preaching the word of God.
        Thank you for the invite. I should come over and we talk some more.

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