An Older Devil Emails a Younger Devil.


Dear Vil,

As you may notice, I am typing this past midnight because night time is my best to strategise and, well, our victims are sleeping too.

Vil, I partly write this in fulfilment of my responsibility to train younger tempters for the next generation, as you might remember our mission statement – steal, kill, and destroy.

Vil, I should have handled these tasks myself but since I am grown now, my methods come off abit outdated, , so it’s better that I tip younger tempters like you on how to grab and keep your prey.

I notice with delight lately that your victims in this age love technology, I implore you to rise and take advantage, fast!

In typical family moments, ripe for deep conversation and catching up, pre-occupy with pending office work, punctuate with Whatsapp notifications, enough to blind them from talk – real talk.

Keep your prey’s eyes fixed on other peoples’ pixels instead of presence, especially for Daddy because he’s your main target, keep him so. Families swiftly disintegrate when Family heads are disoriented. Work on that, work on that!

And for wife, slightly change tact, let the online bridal party preps look more urgent than bonding in conversation with their lifelong partner, use that time in such a way that makes everything on the screen-light more exciting, than listening to the man they vowed to be faithful to.

Don’t forget the teenagers, since their adolescent minds crave for more and more stimulation, use the pace of digital and television programming to blind them from reality, keep girls buried in online fashion trends and boys in PlayStation at the expense of dinning table talk.

Ensure this entire family is blinded to the ongoing erosion, allow them smile at church and hold public positions, as you create more cracks home.

Build the entire thing on trivia, keep the Bible on their shelf dusty; your work is swifter when their Bibles are unread. If you miss this, your prey will read and emulate Jesus, the last thing we want in this battle.

Ah! let the single person reading this think they are free from your tech schemes. Lure them to scroll their Facebook newsfeed as if there is no report to hand in. Blind them to think of success in the next job , rather faithfulness in the current one.

With the fairer sex, binge-television watching may help, awaken envy in females, especially as they scroll,  then sit back and watch godly contentment shrink.

Wait Vil, last and not least, about this church thing, keep all your prey church-going, as long as Christ is of no private use, keep them in the choir, on mission trips, on stage, bite as soon as you gain advantage, slow down spiritual disciplines until backsliding is confirmed.

Weaken church commitment as you heighten self-righteousness, make job-related priorities look more urgent than community, God’s word and fellowship. Let’s embark on this, let’s embark on this.

Attached is a template for your report, I will need it filled soon with causality names, challenges, etc. There’s more I hope to email you about, especially concerning more strategies like sexual temptation, and others you may suggest.

And like I always say in our meetings, there are several ways we can devour these Christians. we just need to use younger cool devils like you, don’t we?

Senior Devil

Steal, kill and destroy

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