Work, Work, Work.


couple talking at desk

Of all things that try the souls of men, work ranks high up there. The influence of a workplace we spend 70% of our adult lives is hard to under-estimate.

When we lift up our hand in the meeting, it better be that we are not trying to speak so we can be identified, as somebody.

When we worry about the end of the contract, it better not be because our only source of identity is fast disappearing. When we interrupt someone’s point in the boardroom meeting, it better not be because we only like to listen, to ourselves.

Like Tim Keller, author of “Every good endeavour” implicitly affirms, if you ever let your success at work get to your head, failure will soon get your heart.  These kinds of things happen across work desks in this nation.

Young corporates flash their business cards as if their ‘identity’ cards, married staff flirt in between office doors, in ways that would thrust  emotional earthquakes back home.

Countless hours disappear behind desktops, as finance officers cash in salaries worth millions to staff that spend hours trying to get to the bottom of their newsfeed.

Across the street, in several other offices, sweaty graduates wipe their foreheads as they enter yet another office, to deliver their 17th application that month, they are part of the 400,000 annual graduand list.

Meanwhile, in the August House, a couple buildings away, a female legislator (who also showed up for work) acts surprised that somebody on the panel doesn’t know goats and cows can fetch a billion shillings.

Work, work, work!

Those who craved for that job last year are already tired of it, all they do now is keep logged in, monitoring bridal showers and liking posts, as the donor across the sea wires more money to help with interventions in Africa – Work, work, work.

The job we so wanted badly yesterday is now distasteful, yet scripture is not silent about all these woes.

God created work as good (Gen 1:31), – although we even like to think of work as God, instead.)The fall in Genesis 3 crushed everything, now from the sweat of our brow we eat, although  some leaders eat from taxpayer’s sweat, instead.

For Christians, their identity is now in Christ, although business cards and job titles threaten that.

Even self proclaimed believers now require maximum supervision, probably because we do not hear Paul say “Work not as unto men, but as unto God.” (Col 3:23)

Work, work, work- some stay unsettled at current jobs, often using available internet to apply for the other jobs, forgetting “godliness with contentment is great gain.” (I Tim 6;6)

Work, Some aim to use it  to materially pile up on this earth, forgetting Jesus promised a treasure store “where no moth can eat. ” (Matt 6:19)

Work Work, Work.



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