Nice People Need The Lord Too.


You have met a nice person lately, haven’t you? their necktie is always in place, just like their morals, they probably don’t have a lamb as their profile picture but their character is, – let’s say – close.

They still wear their purity ring and often go silent when the conversations turn to sex. They seem to enjoy great friendships from their hey-days, hundreds of followers online and they perhaps pay  their tithes and tear up while watching action movies.

Everybody at home is proud of them,   If it were football, we would say they have always kept a ‘clean sheet.’

They are kind girls go like, “He’d make a great husband”, and if female, boys would go like, “she’s just so sweet.”

Please don’t mention their name, at least we both now know who we are talking about.

Folks like you and me who probably think we don’t need to be saved to be good, after all, we live better lives than the those whose notebooks are full of memory verses.

Our enemy doesn’t masquerade as the “angel of light” (2 Cor 11:14) for nothing. He probably knows, snakes love gardens.

We are often put off by self-righteous people because we have tested our own attempts to be a “good person before, in vain.

Deep down we’ve experienced that nobody’s perfect. We have come face to face with what Paul calls “the law.” (Rom 7:23)

Without it, we would never have recognized we fall short. But thank God it’s there, thank God we are exposed as sinners daily, better off than parading our own “niceness.” A man who has never recognized his dirt, will always by-pass soap. So It’s somewhat a good thing when our Pharisee  covers are lifted.

Until we are able to admit, “what a wretched man I am” (Rom 7:24) the cross of Christ will only remain jewelry. Until we are able to admit we can’t be the captain of our soul, our sweetness will become the very noose that hangs us.

Exactly why “nice” people need The Lord too.

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