Babe, that Friend zone Needs An Ultimatum.


internet photo/Daily Mail

So it’s been months now, months of good night wishes, and birthday surprises. Pecks outside the gate and loaded inbox messages, but no certainty yet!

Perhaps, as a result, some sexual boundaries have dangerously been blurred, but what can you do, you are just a girl excited about him.

Yet excitement does not mean your mind is shelved, or you’ve got no part to play in prompting him about hard, uncomfortable, yet some times liberating questions.

Goose-bump-causing, liberating questions like, “Bae, where are we taking this, are we settling for just a good time or we should expect more? It’s been a year plus now, honey? ”

One  search engine actually gave me this as a definition of friend zone,

 “A situation in which a friendship exists between two people, one of whom has an unreciprocated romantic or sexual interest in the other.”

Of course, not every romantic interest must lead to marriage, but that’s exactly my point, what’s the point of all these texts and chocolate if the friend zone is getting blurry by the day?

And I hear you, maybe he’s not yet ready for “those serious things” but who said what you are undertaking is not a serious thing already?

Especially now that some sexual boundaries are getting blurred?

Woman, in this age of human rights, you’ll forgive us for “nosing” into your romance, we have no right actually, yet if you call Jesus Lord like we assume, dismiss us, your concerned brethren, at your own risk.

And we hear you, serious men are rare these days – exactly why you need to prayerfully and wisely encourage yours.

Let him a get a chance to be a different man, if you are both honest with yourselves, (and if arrogance is not his necklace) he will appreciate your (hopefully subtle) prompt for clarity on these things.

No girl wants to be taken for a ride, and many men perhaps never intend to, but what happens when a girl’s sheep silence plays a big part in pampering  his cowardice?

Unless I have just forgotten these things,  real Relationships often feature real conversations.

So there is no devil in prompting those tough conversations, to hear him out, especially if your ‘butterfly thing’ has been going on too long, yet Dad and Mum still have no idea.

May the good Lord guide you my sister, don’t rush it, you may freak him out, I hope he goes first, but incase he doesn’t, (even after my earlier advice) worry about blindly  tagging along, he’s a man, he was designed to lead, guide, perhaps into a parable of permanence.

Your sweet question some day may challenge his passivity in convicting yet clarifying directions both of you will love, later.

Oh yeah, and when God in his timing grants it, please don’t forget my wedding invite. These things be like that, don’t they?

Babe, that friend zone needs an ultimatum.


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