LGBT is Real, Sin Still Kills, Jesus Saves.


I live in a country that has been considered the worlds worst place to be gay.

And in the aftermath of Orlando, #UgPride2016, to mention but a few, there seems to be no more excuse for those who call Jesus Lord to postpone the sexuality discussion.

After all, few vices have lately gained global mileage in advocacy than LGBTQ (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer).

Whereas many Christians will tell you homosexuality is wrong in a day like ours, many of us seem to have been intimidated by the quickly gaining universal normalization that’s literally causing believers to to hide our lamp under the table.

Here are a few thoughts to ponder for everybody concerned about a flourishing humanity, as God has ordained it, female and male.

LGBT (and all other sexual transgressions) are a reality.
Same sex attraction is real, so is adultery and fornication, our head maybe in the sand but they happen! just like other distortions , just like Lust, just like greed, just like gluttony.

Greed and lust however do not mean food and sex are not real, greed and lust mean we have chosen our own way of using sex and food, distorted from its original design, and scripture is clear to all of us the greedy, the gluttonous, the homosexuals, that we will not inherit the kingdom of God. (1 Cor 6:10)

Love must go with truth.
Somebody is probably reading this with their barrel up, ready to shoot in the comment section. Christians must be ready to handle such confrontation, with humility and sympathy, remembering there is always “our own sin somewhere” to deal with, so we step down the moral high horse and not only speak, but listen with humility and tough love after all, like author Tim Keller puts it, “Truth without love is imperious self-righteousness. Love without truth is cowardly self-indulgence. “

We don’t speak truthfully because we are perfect, rather, we speak truthfully because we are fellow beggars, pointing other beggars to the bread of life.

Tolerance is mutual.
The word “bigot” is thrown around too much, lately. It seems like those who bent on putting religion and morality out of public life ironically end up espousing tolerance in an intolerant way.

Believers would do better if we first understand our relativistic age before engaging. Subjective truth has placed many on a wide road that leads to destruction, because objective truth is already out of the window, we can barely answer questions like, “Where were you when I was laying the foundations of the earth?” (Job 38:4)

Compassion is not compromise.
Anybody who has suffered under the tyranny of sexual sin will tell you this; sin enslaves, you might even swim in privilege; feature on conference panels, get a visa, lambast religion, worship reputation, but after your bedroom door is locked, with your head on the pillow, the demise of depression will linger. Questions about fulfillment will stay even when your bank account grows. Nothing is worse.

The aforementioned are not trivial, that’s why compassion in engaging all sin is key. Believers who care about souls should be the last to get into bashful interactions, offline and online. Eternity is at stake. Those who carry swords should remember to carry towels too, and also know when to use each.

Gospel is cure.

I have heard about well intentioned efforts to hospitalize, rehabilitate, therap-ize sexual transgressors, one thing is for sure, those efforts only go so far, human hearts are rarely fenced, perimeter walls rarely prevent adultery, good advice, removed from timeless truth, momentarily embalms.

Introducing Jesus to sexuality conversations is neither anti-intellectual nor simplistic, but neither should it be astronomy. He is the the ultimate answer, when a new king is truly enthroned on the seat of our idolatrous hearts, we rarely get preoccupied with mere behavior change. A good man brings good things out of the good stored up in his heart, Jesus said. Disclaimer though, the gospel is not a magic bullet, it has to be presented clearly, Friendships ought to be nurtured, rigorous prayer, bible study, and local church accountability yes, plus some tough conversations, seasoned with salt.

Lokodo & legislating the human heart.

All I can say about the Ugandan Minister of Ethics is, the state does not wield the sword in vain.

There is hope for every sexual transgressor, straight or not. I know some that have been redeemed from this lifestyle. But all said. Jesus saves.



Image: Featured Rainbow flag  is inspired by Genesis 9:17 promise never to completely destroy humanity again, rather than late, post-modern LGBT use.

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