Isn’t Life More Complex than ‘Typing Amen?’


We are a ‘quick fix’ society, thanks to technology and many other modern inventions; we can register for the conference, submit our resume and order lunch without leaving our desk. Pizza deliveries are digits away and so are elevators.

Life is a ‘quick fix’ in many ways.

The frightening thing, as you may have noticed in your news feed, is when spiritual engagement takes on the same methods, not just in your news feed, but in the way church executes or, shall we say, sometimes masquerades transformation. What we see online is actually a representation of the quick fix methodology our pulpits have embraced. Are you battling with finances?

Cash in tithe, the offering too, let your finances guarantee blessings, don’t mind your heart attitude, the discipline of saving, investment, as long as your giving in Church is intact.

Now, there is no biblical opposition to generosity but when our giving becomes a pre-requisite to God’s blessing, we are treating God as a cosmic lottery, we are choosing a quick fix.

Are you wrestling with lust? Men, we need to bind that demon, check your family history by the way, perhaps your Dad battled the same. Another quick fix.

Marriage gone sour? Maybe you are not praying enough, organize a dinner, take her shopping; (of course none of these are inherently bad things) but to choose them above hard conversations and selflessness is choosing a ‘quick fix.’ There are not many things that stifle spiritual growth like the avoidance of word-centred remedies.

A Sweet transforming alternative.

Life is more complex than typing Amen, conflict requires honest conversation, children need discipline, finances too. Habits need to be formed, job applications need to go out and what we already know has to be obeyed. If indeed out of the heart we live, like Jesus says in Luke 6:45 , then our hearts need the most work.

Heart checks cannot happen without the application of God’s word, becoming like Christ is hard work, it rarely happens via desktops, marriage, and overcoming pornography too, typing amen won’t schedule the much needed hard talk you and your spouse need. Biblical character is rarely developed in the comment section.

Life’s woes are rarely shot down with sentimentality. God in his word has supplied everything we need for life and godliness in Christ, even the power to overcome (2 Pet) we can’t simply type away solutions.

Let’s marinate our minds in his word; transformation will follow, Romans 12:2 already shows renewed minds are the path to true personal change, what we see in our News feed is often an attempt to eschew the only means change happens.

The gospel is not that simplistic, our God is not waiting to emotionally coerce us with his word.

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