Ask not what your Smart-phone can do for you.

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Screen lights seem to keep our focus on what’s instant, loud and immediate. Well, isn’t that supposed to be  problematic? not quite, lately.

Rather it’s a sign of the informed, the polished, the self- expressive, we are resolved to wander online even if it costs us our soul. Because anyway, what else can we be doing in this Silicon Valley of death, apart from gazing and scrolling.
Scripture however points Christians to life beyond the loud and instant, a self-controlled life, in tandem with God, whereas today’s tech-humanists may want us to think the next iPhone is what will save humanity, prior launches seem to indicate otherwise, addictive habits rarely reduce with the latest app, invented.
What does it all look like today? Convenience is our idol, we want it instant, just like the previous download, face time is replaced by inbox, slowly, the urgent replaces the important as interpersonal relationships crumble.
So when we finally get back to our Bibles – or if we do anyway.We carry on the same mannerisms, fragmented focus infront of God’s eternal and written revelation.
Those trying to be like Jesus, those trying to imitate our great Lord, those fighting a different war, a war that demands keeping focus and “pressing on” (Phil 3:14) a war against the flesh (Rom 8:14), a war to gain alertness and self control, especially when the devil still “prowls” (1Peter5:18) – even in news feeds by the way, a war to “redeem the time, for the days are evil.” ( Eph. 5:16)”
Fighting sin becomes hard because just like the author of Proverbs put it, a man without self control is like a city without walls (Prov 25:28)- everything comes flying in, even Apostle Paul, talking to his Corinthian audience raises the bar higher among those struggling to master themselves by resolving not to be “mastered by anything” (1 Cor 6:12). After all we become what we behold, don’t we?
That’s exactly where the title of this piece imitates John Kennedy’s remarks
“Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”
Or in this case, with a few edits…
“Ask not what your smartphone can do for you, but what you can do about your smartphone.”
After all, those who call him Lord need to be resolving out of this smartphone obsession, Oh by the way, I just typed all of this on my phone note past midnight, in bed, wife long asleep.
Start with me Lord, “what can I do about my smart-phone?”

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