Young man walking towards Adulterer’s House.

It seemed like a casual evening, the writer of Proverbs 7 was reminiscing.
The day was “fading(7)” he says, perhaps 7pm or something, so he reclined on his window. Window sights in the evening got him seeing – and reflective.
A young man was walking towards an adulterer’s house – a long night was setting in.
Next sight seemed to bother him all the more, then came a woman to meet him, “dressed like a prostitute” (10) – dressing wasn’t innocent here, it revealed character. But wait, it wasn’t about the short garment, or the alternative version back then, there was “crafty intent” too.
“Loud and defiant, her feet never stayed at home”(11), well, the two exchanged pleasantries and the invitation came. “Come lets drink of love until morning(18)” – somebody was about to wake up in a different bed.
“Lets enjoy ourselves with love.” Love – was it still so at this point? In Verse 19, she mentions how her husband isn’t at home- reason? Long journey.
And like most illicit encounters, the danger lurked at the end of the passionate night. With persuasive words, she led him astray, with smooth talk she seduced him.(21)
Ah, okay.
Of course Mister wasn’t a passive participant, ”at once he followed her.(22) ” You need to look at “oxen going for slaughter” (22) to understand how he climbed up that bed.
Oxen probably still chew when the axe is in the vicinity. “Like a bird darting into a snare” (23), Mister had no idea this would “cost him his life.”
Whereas Life then wasn’t so much about tabloid headlines, side dishes and adult websites – we still understand.
We understand how the Proverbs 7 writer,and how he sums up this is quite remarkable. Looks like this particular episode had repeated itself many times, before, leaving more high profile sexual casualties in the wake.
“Many are the victims she has brought down, her slain are a mighty throng” (26) these were no small men- it seemed. Land owners, recently marrieds, youth group leaders, 4th anniversary celebrants, name, name.
All dropped by this house at some point – and incase you are wondering, that house was located just as you headed out the “ highway to the grave.” (27)
Proverbs 7 is a reminder, a reminder to those like us, often oblivious of Paul’s admonition to, “Abstain from all fleshly lusts that war against the soul. ” (1 Peter 2:11)

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