“So and so” likes Stella Nyanzi’s post.

Stella-NyanziIn recent days, curiosity has overcome me and I have somehow ended up on Dr Stella Nyanzi’s Facebook wall.

Something tells me I haven’t been alone on that endeavour, many have trekked to the outspoken activist’s wall for all manner of reasons.

Loudest of them all has been the way the famed Makerere University don employs sexual imagery to express herself on pertinent matters, a trend our sexually obsessed society is welcoming with open arms.

Those who understand times like ours know that this kind of tone is not unique to academia.

Other spheres of society, notably the comedy (and entertainment industry in general) are already “thriving” on the likability of sexual innuendo, and it’s indeed helping pay the bills.

So we mustn’t be quick to castigate our learned sister before we understand where she’s coming from.

Ours is a sexual age, a God-ignoring age where sex sells, even if somebody has to pay the price. An age where sexual obsession has permeated everything, turn your knob to the next radio conversation and see what I am talking about.
Those who call Jesus Lord however know we have been called to a different exhibition, amidst this.

If we have indeed been made new in him(2 Cor 5:17), We are not to have any hint of sexual immorality (Eph 5:3), our conversation ought to be wholesome, seasoned with salt so we can even love, engage and pray, even for elites in our age who now seem to be in sync with the degradation of the day.

Human sexuality has never been our idea, scripture teaches us it’s part of who we are – female and male (Gen 5:2), Ephesians takes it further by alluding covenant sexual union to the union between Christ and the church ( Eph 5:22), meaning, irreverence of sex can’t be taken lightly, because it’s irreverence of the gospel.

That’s the deepest reason we cannot afford to desecrate human sexuality, both in speech and conduct. May God help point our sexually charged society to the only satisfaction there is, a life at “peace with God” (Rom 5:1) – through Christ.

I mean, If we can talk loosely about sex, what will stop us from talking loosely about the gospel?

May God indeed help us all.

2 thoughts on ““So and so” likes Stella Nyanzi’s post.

  1. Thank you so much on speaking on this issue and i pray that God will continue to grant you the wisdom and courage to speak out. Sometimes even during comedy shows you look like the weird one not laughing at the ‘sexual’ jokes. May God help us indeed.

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