Lust Loves to Lie.

Lust loves to lie.

Glance a little, it won’t cost.
Think on it, as long as you don’t act.
Forget scripture reminder about bottomless pit.
And Jesus call for sinning hand amputated.
Two adults, you say, as long as they consent.

Lust loves to lie.

If I have that in my life I will be happy
If the sun goes down while in their arms,
Curtains pulled, doing no harm
Just care between lovers, warm.
Two of us, since nobody will inform.

Lust loves to lie.

Behind the computer, alone.
Or with the adult tab open, on smartphone.
Delilah banners poppn’
Logged in as Samson
God Strength in hair gone.

Married man on balcony.
Anticipating no tragedy.
Until you look down, and in comes Adultery.
Your name, King David.

Lust loves to lie.

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