Was Father Christmas also crucified for his people?

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You can’t ignore the bridge between the cradle and the cross – and get away with it. Christmas season may mean shopping for many, but hardly can you find forgiveness of sin in a supermarket corridor. December prices may go up but they still can’t compete with the ultimate purchase Jesus paid, in securing salvation of his people.

Of course “Father Christmas” comes in the 16th Century to represent we who desire a good life without the cross, Christmas chocolate on venomous tongues. Was “Father Christmas” also crucified for his people? don’t wait for the answer.
Nobody in history, no matter their beard colour, has “become sin so we may become the righteousness of God.” (2Cor 5:21) – none. And yet we can’t just get away from this, Santa, like many season distractions, come to keep our eyes off Calvary, where our greatest greatest prize and need lie, forgiveness of sin and restoration towards God, respectively.
No matter the size of our gift box, we miss it when we celebrate Christmas without Good Friday-thinking, we settle for a white bearded caricature unable to deliver humanity from the power of sin. What is an absurdity!
Wait, did I say Merry Christmas?

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