On the heels of the Paris attack, I realised the other morning that whereas I may have used the hash tag #PrayforParis,

Never had I specifically cut out time to specifically pray for the victims of the attack, for example.

Never did I think about a daughter whose mother at the restaurant was perhaps ripped by a stray bullet outside Stade de France.

Never did I pray for European leaders who find themselves with hard decisions to make in the wake of growing terrorism.

Although, I may have painted my profile in French national colors, rarely did I ever think of asking God to use this grief to bring back the gospel to  European countries that first propagated it.

Come to think of it, rarely did I ever think of praying for our immigrant brothers, who in the coming days, are likely going to face unprecedented stigma.

But maybe that’s the way I am, perhaps I am just used to telling folks “I will pray for you.” Maybe this is a habit, a habit that exposes how I value public perception more than private prayer.

Perhaps this is a reminder for me to log out often and pray, specifically.

Forget Paris, this I suspect, is the real blood bath of my life: living prayerlessly, not only for myself, but even for those I often promise – even through hash tags, so help me God.

Who actually prayed for Paris, anybody? You can share with us how you prayed for Paris?


  1. Honestly when i first heard about the attacks on Saturday morning, i was sad but not sad enough to be moved to say a prayer, and then thanks be to God, the person leading us in the prayer moment at church on Sunday asked that we pray for France and i thank God i had a chance to do that then. Have i said a prayer for them after that day? That’s something for another day, but thanks to you, i just said a prayer for them now. Be blessed.

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