Image: newlife.com
Image: newlife.com

Sometimes, our planet is not as stable as it seems, a middle-aged driver, seemingly bored, chewing gum in Monday morning traffic, may have a billion weights tagging at his soul.

A stubborn adolescent just got him summoned to school for the nth time, the supervisor’s comment concerning his job contract at office yesterday, or his wife’s worrying new acquaintance whose text message he stumbled upon last night.

Our planet is not as stable as it seems, your neighbor’s preoccupation with her smartphone in the car maybe a strategy to shut out tomorrow’s anxiety. . Not to mention their varying thoughts in the church service, just as the preacher goes on and on concerning spiritual things.

Jesus knows our restlessness, his Jewish world certainly had no traffic jams and school terms, his audience had farmers probably concerned with inconsistent rains and yesterday’s missing sheep, (more than husband’s “Whatsapp” conversations) yet

Jesus’s offer to give rest in Matthew 11:28)”still meets the global human need, a universal need for quiet, content souls, daily walking by the Lord’s light, depending on his sovereignty, obeying his word throughout their workday, and sharing the same reconciliation they have received from God through the death and resurrection of his son.

This message still meets a great need. Millennium development goals don’t hinder it, neither do hectic schedules, your promotion at work may mean you need to hear it more, even a new job may mean you are reminded of it, once more.

The gospel still offers rest for souls; ballot choices do little or nothing to alter our intrinsically disordered hearts. A recently elected official needs only few years to begin looking like his forerunner. Even those who seek “personal freedom” seek only what the gospel exclusively provides; identity, hope and fulfillment.

No wonder it’s called “good news”, Christ has left his followers with assurance, his church is “built on a rock, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it” (Matt 16:18). Even if so-called “minority groups” demand and flaunt their freedom, even if your child trouble and weeknights get worse.

But be “of good cheer,” (John 16:33) all who come weary to God through Christ are reconciled through his death and resurrection, and they “find rest for their souls” (Matt 11:28-30)”, not only in this sin-broken world, but forever.

Got rest?


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