Image source: munaluchbridal.com
Image source: munaluchbridal.com

Has anyone met ‘God fearing man’ lately?

Well, looks like a lot of our fair friends have been looking. I can’t tell the number of interviews and conversations with these fair ones that have featured the magic answer, ‘he should be God-fearing.’

May be it’s just about time we tried presuming on behalf of our fair friends what they always mean by “God fearing man” here is my try in three takes, no shooting please!


1. She wants a man who loves the Lord.

She wants a man who loves Jesus; she wants a leader whose conscience is sensitive to God. She has probably been disappointed by the nominal church boy; he lifts his hands on Sunday but cannot put up his guard against lust on Saturday night. He invites questions in Bible study but fails to ask the ultimate question in their relationship – “Will you marry me?” So she’s abit weary now, she wants a man willing to wait for sexual intimacy until the wedding ring is on. Maybe that’s what she means by ‘God fearing man’.

2. She wants a changed man.

Yes, she has met many who claim, ‘to know the lord’, but has she met a guy changed by that knowledge? So she wants to prove, does going to church change his priorities? Is he hardworking, wise, truthful, self-controlled, honest, mature ‘fun to be with’? (yes, that one) – especially as a result of his relationship with the Lord. She knows mere morality can’t stand this test, so she wants to prove.

3. She wants a man with a glorious biblical vision of marriage.

Finally, she’s probably witnessed many failed marriages, her relatives are probably already pessimistic, and predicting, So she wants a strong God-centered man who won’t demand for her weekends at his house before the aisle, a man who will love her as Christ loves the church (Eph 5:25). She wants him to “man up” and make the first move, speak up, pursue matrimony, stop kidding, and teach her scripture as he prepares to do the same to their future family. Or maybe she means a man willing to switch off that gadget and ask, “How was your day? “

Will she find him?

Well, these are my thoughts, maybe that’s what she always means by ‘God fearing man,’ now she can speak for herself. Hopefully the challenged man can speak up too?


  1. And you did it again. Awesome piece. I love it. I know sometimes when we the fair ones make that statement we are a bit mixed up coz of what is around us, but this is what we actually mean and probably more.

  2. Thanks Eddie. This is a great piece.a man who who loves the lord must fear him. and a ,man who fears God honors his wife, loves her and brings her closer to him.the fear of the lord is the beginning of all wisdom, therefore this man will be wise enough to know how to treat his wife

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