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We begin to depend on human potential the day we stop praying.

Prayer has fallen on hard times. That’s why it shouldn’t surprise us when in a narcissist age like ours, many of us cease “locking the doors behind us” like Jesus puts it in Matt 6:6.

You may as say this is an age we are more prone to sliding into the gutters of personal greatness – as prayerful lifestyles fast disappear. Our fellowship with the star maker has fallen on hard times indeed.

The need to reinstate this fellowship through constant time with the Lord has never been more urgent. I personally can admit to times I have waited on my feelings in order to begin praying.

Yet scripture rarely presents prayer as a feeling driven experience, Paul tells his hearers to pray without ceasing. (1Thes5: 16) That doesn’t appear like a suggestion to wait for butterflies before prayer; you may actually begin praying under your breath as you wait at the reception area (especially if your mobile Facebook messenger is turned off)

Maybe I am alone in this struggle, but in the event that I am not, this remains my prayer for all believers, that, like David, we will remember that “better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere.” (Ps 84:10)” – any day!

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