eddtI wrote here before about my ever growing passion to tell the World’s stories, I would now like to announce that, by the grace of God, I have not relented! I remember looking up a noticeboard back in 2011 and  finally realizing my school registration number had been appropriately placed under the new Journalism and Communication program at Uganda’s premier University – Makerere.

I had been admitted!

And I use the words “finally” and “appropriately” because this had been a long journey coming.

First, like many of us after High school, we “study for our Parents,” me too, I even had a six-month plus stunt at an Electrical engineering vocational after senior six because one of my well-meaning guardians thought beginning an electrical workshop was the way to go.

As you would predict, Engineering Mathematics was no cup of tea for this HED/G High school grad, so a few months later, I was looking through courses at a different University – Makerere.

And because of my 9 points attained from that A-level combination, my entry point to University had to be via Diploma, so yes, as God’s kindness would have it, I was admitted for a Diploma in Library and Information studies.

It’s along the way though that I began realizing I had been built for something else, I had a knack for storytelling, and my personality was the outgoing kind. My heart raced at the mention of “Mass communication”.

Long story short, I graduated and enrolled again for a Program I thought was “in my blood.” Here I am now, four years later, having enjoyed studying what I love – who still doubts God’s grace!

With a few weeks to completion now, I am  required to build a blog for class, which is the point of Muleefu Journalism: a place I will be sharing my favorite journalism writing “long form feature – narrative”.

By offering to follow that blog, you contribute to both my grades and how this Journalism dream eventually unfolds. Will you? By the way, I hope to see you at the grad party Jan 2016, thanks In advance, also, tell one more fella about this whole thing.

More love!

Eddie Ssemakula

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  1. Webale munywanyi wange obutagwamu maanyi, Dduunda Lugaba Nnamugereka akwongere obuvumu, amaanyi, amagezi n’obulamu obulungi weyongere okukwaata omumuli obuteddiza.

    Thanks brother for not relenting & losing hope, may the Almighty LORD bless you in every aspect, equip you with knowledge, courage & good health to realize your goals.

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