Net photo
Net photo

I caught a glimpse of “Iam Ali” the other day and, my!

The production quality of this boxing legend Muhammed Ali documentary not only exudes excellence but also gets any curious believer asking some important questions beyond camera angles.

Watching the swift footwork of an athletic Muhamamed Ali fighting in London back then and remembering his physical condition today got me wondering whether I wasn’t taking my 30 year old healthy body for granted.

Comparing a man who once referred to himself as the “World’s greatest” to another currently flamboyant boxer Floyd Mayweather got me wondering whether we often overate our fragile lives, sometimes.

Old age has a way of reminding how fragile we are, flowers quickly fading, (James 4:14) yet youth can be a season to pretend, at least for a while, that we will be “like this” forever.

Net Photo
Net Photo

Whereas many of us are admirable and “seemingly self-sufficient” in our “hey days,” the admonition of scripture to “remember your creator in the days of your youth” (Eccl 12:1) seems to be the only lasting cure to our often presumptuous Youth, and for now, the boxing lives of Muhammed Ali and Floyd Mayweather can help us put everything in eternal perspective.

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