Image source:www.lovethispic,com
Image source:www.lovethispic,com

It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s exciting, it’s  lethal, and it’s so 21st century!

I am talking about the post-modern idea that we, two-legged humans are such a big deal in God’s world and so we better “realize it, step up, take our place, and determine our destiny.” you know.
It’s everywhere, from the Oprah Network to the poster announcing the next motivational speaker across the street.


Worse still, the church (a supposed custodian of two millennia of biblical teaching on man’s sinful total depravity) has also jumped on the wagon.


The evangelical magazine “Christianity today” has rightly named this movement Self-help optimism in Jesus name, this idea that man is supreme and everything else is supposed to serve his destiny(sometimes including the eternal scriptures)


Now we hear it on the pulpit, one radio preacher I heard the other day even took it further by suggesting that believers by their “sitting in heavenly realms” (Eph 2:6) were never meant to sit in “small normal cars” – (yes, you heard right – no old Peugeot for Christians)


The doctrines of grace no longer humble us but instead “puff us up” (1 Cor 8:1)
That’s how worse it can get, yet the biblical narrative still sobers, he gives “grace to the humble (James 4:6) not the swollen chested, whereas you and I bear responsibility for our destiny, it’s squarely in God’s hands. In other words, God is great and we are not.


Our goals, talents and willpower plus loftiest ambitions are “dung” (Phil m3:8) if they can’t find their purpose in advancing the gospel.
Like somebody has put it “At the heart of all false teaching is the dethronement of God and the enthronement of man”


“May I become less that he may increase. (John 3:30)”

Forget Maya Angelou, your playing small (especially when glorifying Christ) can actually serve the world.


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