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Funerals have a tendency of introducing sobriety to our casual lives.

I mean, It’s hard to think about video games when your friend’s casket is being lowered. In fact, a constant smile at a requiem mass may be a call for suspicion.

Why? Because death is really fatal,  death puts an end to all we physically are.
It’s important however to realize that scripture already points us to a more gruesome picture of death, especially another kind of death.

Spiritual death.

The biblical narrative seems to emphasize to us that those who die spiritually face the worst kind of death (even when they still live)

It’s actually Apostle Paul that confirms this while writing to the widows in Corinth, and warns that “a widow who lives for pleasure is dead (even) while she lives.” (1 Tim 5:6)

The same author also warns in Romans 8:13 that if we “live according to the flesh, we will die”

Whereas we don’t witness Adam and Eve’s physical death in the garden, God also assures our first parents that if they eat the fruit of the tree he forbid them, they will die. (Gen 3:3)

Infact, Romans 5:17 stretches it further to indicate that “through Adam’s sin, death came to mankind.”

Through out inspired scripture, God is often showing us a more scary kind of death.

When the writer of Romans also talks about the “wages of sin being death” (6:23), he’s not just talking about a “stilled heartbeat” but the gift of eternal life through Christ.

He’s literally calling us out to be glad about the one through whom “the sting of death has been removed.” 1Cor 15:56

A more scary kind of death.

Remember that at the next requiem mass.

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