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Sometimes you don’t get what you want, life just has a way of taking us it’s own directions.

My name is Eddie Ssemakula, I am a 30-year-old journalism enthusiasist/trainee and practitioner and for the last decade or so, the juices of storytelling, media reporting, and communication have consumed me.

I have haplessly watched and listened to documentaries with one prevailing voice in my head – “I will do that someday.”

I have scrolled through well-written news features, profiles, blog posts, watched and listened to great documentaries and repented of envy afterwards.

I have imagined myself in CNN’’s Christine Amanpour and BBC’s Steven Sackur’s shoes, or chair, so to speak.

Lord willing, someday, I will hold the microphone (as my camera person trails) and slope down a slum pathway to interview an old lady about the ongoing sanitation project in her neighborhood.

May be I will stand on a pedestrian lane amidst the evening traffic and explain the municipal decision concerning the transport situation to the podcast listeners. Perhaps, I will look into the camera and show the tired husband viewing in the living room what the dirt in my hand represents to the population of this mountainside village.

Who knows? I may have to kneel in my gumboots and explain the farming practices in such a way that even the 3 year old doing his homework in front of the Television understands, Yes, someday.

Someday, on camera, perhaps I will dance with the village kids as they celebrate the newly opened borehole in the neighbourhood, hopefully, I will later explain why as I sum up the day’s top new story. I will walk towards the irate fan in the crowds and ask about his thoughts about the referee.maybe, someday.

I will listen and ask attentively as the newly appointed politician explains his plans for the constituency on the evening show; hopefully I will ask back some critical questions on behalf of the skeptical residents concerned.

If the polling day finds me assigned by my editor, I will explain the situation to the eager voters tuned in. Whatever the forum – podcast, feature article or lead story.

Over the past few years, I have interned, trained, partnered alongside famed journalists and the same voice has still dominated my inmost being “You will be a journalist.”

I daily live with an internal bother and I hope someday my phone screen will buzz with a call from Manhattan, and it will be the New York Times calling..

But for now, I will stick to writing blog posts like this to keep my journalism juices flowing.

As I sum up my Journalism degree at Uganda’s largest university in a few months, I cannot wait to serve in the industry I have so loved, the industry of storytelling, the industry of metaphors, the industry of deadlines. The Industry many have called the “third estate” and I have called the “first estate” well, at least passionately speaking.

These are the journalism juices that keep my heart flowing. These are the Journalism juices I can’t contain.

Now you know. Cheers!

Eddie Ssemakula


  1. Well said bro. And I will look at you and say I knew that butterfly when he was still a caterpillar. Keep learning, keeping growing, keep believing and I wish you all the best on this your journey.

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