scan 029
Illustration: Michael Mutyaba

Her dimple gave him a reason to live, well, at least that’s what he believed.

So on this chilly Tuesday evening; Mike’s Valentine’s day anxiety finally disappeared as soon as he spotted her red heeled shoes step off the motorbike. He knew this was going to be a different date. As the first bead of sweat went down his ribs, she hugged him tight, the red lipstick remained, right shoulder, but who cared?

So as they sat down that evening to share the chocolate cream at the restaurant, his scoop would prove to be the cure to his nervousness. Things were about to turn weird though.

Somewhere in the nice evening, Peter, a former classmate, walked over to share what was about to forever alter their lives. He told them, not what they wanted to hear, but what they needed to hear.

They were “at war with God”, they needed to “make peace with God.” (Rom 5:1) Mike leaned back, Milly  leaned forward. Peter continued, only reconciliation with God (2 Cor 5:19) through Christ would set their romance free. Only reconciliation towards God through Christ would primarily resolve their relational woes. They needed to be recreated in Christ first and foremost.

Peter spoke up; this would help them in a fundamental sense. “Knowing Christ resolves your deepest human problem – the wrath of God. And knowing Christ shields you from the same, that is what every romantic relationship needs”

He emphasized. It was the best thing they could hear that evening, only him who is fulfilled in Christ can love truly, God is love, know him know real love, Mike and Milly started nodding. Mike and Milly needed to hear this, many still do.

Their evening had been interrupted, quite beautifully, quite beautifully!


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