Imagesource: www.friendhugs.com
Imagesource: http://www.friendhugs.com

Tim Keller, author of “Counterfeit gods” once put it so neatly.

“It never occurs to us that our deepest desires could actually cause us the deepest pain.” (paraphrase)

He spoke for all of us, humanity’s pains and sins often come costumed innocently.

A little chocolate is just fine, until it adds a little calorie which creates a little dangerous layer around the heart, causing a cardiac arrest that eventually leads to you-know-what!

A glance at the balcony gets your blood racing in lust and eventually, its murder and adultery on the same charge sheet…your name? King David.

An unprocessed thought ends up as a careless word, hurting feelings and ending up in the counselor’s office. where are the married men?

The amazing bicep on your left arm draws Delilah and the story leaves you blind, between pillars and behind enemy lines, Samson!

A questionable dance stroke leads to the beheading of a prophet once deemed “the greatest among those born of women.” (Matt 11::11).

A little impulsive purchase in the supermarket corridor leaves your wallet thin, you remember on Sunday morning as your neighbour gently elbows, with the offertory basket.

Wealth without the fear of God leaves you lamenting “vanity vanity” and a book is eventually written in your memory, it’s title ? “Ecclesiastes.” , total number of wives? – 300.

According to the writer of Proverbs, “ stolen water is sweet”( Prov 9:17) but “the way of a transgressor is hard.”(Prov 13:15)

Next time the serpent whispers, don’t pick the apple, remind him it is written, “Satan masquerades as the angel of light.” (2 Cor11:14)

Oh these dear things that often come with great sorrows!

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