christmasDecember 25th had finally arrived. A few hours earlier, church service had been a show off, somebody needed to see his new car, so he came, with her in tow; she was concerned about her lip-gloss and his approval.

So the sermon begun, she kept pulling out her bag “ Remember where I put my chewing gum? ” He looked away and mumbled something under his breath.

When the Pastor asked the congregation to open the book of Luke, she scrolled her phonebook and sent a reminder to Sue, her classmate.

“We are in church, see you later, I will be coming with Duncan the hunk”

The afternoon arrived, dining room coloured with choice foods, so they sat, Jim their cousin sat across the mahogany table, red eyed from a Christmas eve party the previous night.

Lunchtime conversation featured lots, but most memorably a question that daddy asked, “I hope you my children are reflecting upon this day with purpose.

Purpose? Jim’s wife had just left him, he couldn’t stand his drinking habits, what purpose was Daddy talking about?

Sue had grown up religious but church people had left her bitter, she wasn’t willing to take any Christ talk either.

Mummy stared silently into each of her son’s eyes, she also preferred keeping Christmas and Golgotha far apart. Meanwhile the chicken in the second bowl was getting finished.

The routine went on year after year, Daddy’s question dodged, catch-up time dominating, nice meat and movies, nieces coming home, chicken wings on broad plates yet Golgotha remained distant from Bethlehem.

What a horrible Christmas! – Without Golgotha, the real reason for Bethlehem.


  1. Wow…and how so often we forget…that that’s where our new story begins. Thanks for the amazing reminder. Be blessed.

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