Image source:www.world wildlife.org
Image source:www.world wildlife.org

Come to think of it, It’s hard to gaze at a beautiful sunrise and think about your nice resume – at the same time.

Yet many of us have tried, oh how we’ve tried!

Though we know “the sky proclaims the work of his hands. ” (Ps 19:1) we still look up and praise astronomy.

Our cement may design a marvel of a bridge but only God can provide the water supply, underneath.

We keep wild animals in our zoo yet only God knows when the “mountain goats give birth” (Job 39:1).

We own kraals; he owns “cattle on a thousand hills”(Ps 51:10). 
Wooden Resort cottages may increase our annual income but only his power can cause the wood seed to sprout.

Mount Kilimanjaro may be your honeymoon destination but all the “mountain peaks are his”. (Ps 95:4).

That’s what Paul meant implied when he told the Romans “Creation testifies, so that men may be without excuse.”
 (Rom 1:20). Though the Lord turns the stream of a river, we still don’t see the giver.

Next time you feel small in front of nature, don’t miss the point. Creation testifies to the creator, (not you) and to ignore that is a divine defamation.

Our learned friends define defamation as “ the action of damaging the good reputation of someone.”

Happy holiday travels!

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