Curiosity killed the cute.
Ask Eve,
It was a noble desire she had.
“I just want to be happy”
And so she tried,
Oh how she tried!

Tired of a solitary bed,
A night out with the boys,
As they rode her in their toys.
She had underestimated her evil heart evils
Good food, skin care and night lights
God had placed eternity in her heart,
Yet her eyes stayed fixed on the serpent.
She was already getting confident
“You will surely not die”
The assurance came.

Now she languishes with the pain of her sin
Don’t we all?
Curiosity just finished us
Our misplaced curiosity,
A seemingly good thing gone bad.

We simply misplaced curious
Now look what we have become
Cute killed ones,
Adam, you caused this!

But we thank God for the second Adam
Now we can look cute again
Even after curiosity thinks he killed our cute.

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