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The Wedding decorator was all friendly, and he had every reason to, I mean, his flowers were to be imported (or at least he claimed), his chair offer seemed  attractive, what was the potential groom to say? 

Then he dropped the line that got me thinking. 

Decorator: “These kinds of chairs will help the bride and groom eat swagger” (paraphrase) 

Groom to be: (…Listening…) 

Indeed they would, and I understood, this decoration guy  wished good for his clientele, yet that got me thinking still, why would a service provider emphasize the need for “exalted chairs” to a potential couple if it weren’t his “selling point”? 

Because he knows our recent pomp oriented culture loves to maximize weddings (and other public events) as opportunities for narcissism, while missing the whole point. 

From well meaning suggestions to consider opulent expenditures to event-only oriented counsel, decide to marry and it will all come flowing. Oblivious of God’s design for matrimony, our modern culture’s obsession with events rather than substance has never looked this inescapable!   

i hope you hear me well, I look forward to November, and if I and my bride happen to use “exulted chairs”, I hope our motivation won’t be “eating swag” , I instead hope the day’s event will help me critically think about what I am  getting into. 

..A lifetime covenant to a fellow sinner in which I am expected to love her “as Christ loved the church”(Eph 5:25) 

That incident, among many other “exalted chair”- like vanities are the daily temptations of this potential groom, I hope our good Lord delivers me from them all, I hope. 

Now you know how to pray for us, uh?

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