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I am a strong believer in family, In fact, if God allows, I hope to start one soon. I have seen how sin has ravaged my own family and I don’t want anything like it.

I want something different, I want a godly offspring, I want a godly wife, I also want to host a bible study one day in my compound on Sunday evening, what about a wife who straightens my necktie every morning?

I am tired of roadside dishes, and we haven’t even talked about sex yet. Ah you see? I want, I want, I want.

And which young Christian doesn’t, but then again, what could be wrong with my “want” Isn’t marriage honorable to all? Isn’t family a godly dream?

But what if I have started at the wrong place, what if my want is driven by social status rather than loving as Christ loved the church, what if I also want to update my facebook status? What if I want to prove to my relatives, friends and classmates that I am abit –you know!

What if my state is the same as some Christian young people? Thinking that marriage is going to fulfill my deepest needs? What if my soul is still searching to know God and I am skipping that on my way to the altar?

This is my trouble, what if I haven’t committed to study God’s word and grow in the knowledge of God plus his design for matrimony, what if iam still “too busy” for discipleship and church involvement yet I want to live with a fellow sinner in the same house? Till death do us part? Will marriage satisfy my hunger for significance, identity, meaning and fulfillment?

The answer is no, no with a capital N.

Because I was designed to find satisfaction in God (Ecc 3:11), and no man fill that void.The other trouble with wanting marriage too bad is that I serve a jealous God, a jealous God who won’t allow my affections wholly and only go out to his gifts, his gifts of intimacy, family, it.

I better be careful.

He’s not called a “jealous” God (Joshua 24:19) for nothing.

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