Image source: www.watton.org
Image source: http://www.watton.org

I mean, aren’t hypocrites in church for the same reason broken limbs are

in causality wards?

Infact, sad as it is, some of the most depressing stories come from the

world’s casualty wards – churches.

Question becomes, shouldn’t service provision be improved there too? After

all, no earthly institution has stood the test of time like the church of Jesus

Christ. It has survived dictators because its author has already promised “no

gates of hell shall prevail” (Mark 16:18)

Yet in our modern self sufficient days, the body of Christ not only suffers  from our entrepreneurship, worldly ambition, but our scorn too.

We try, oh how we try! We know bodies don’t function with amputated heads yet we still attempt to run her without preaching Christ, her head.

We use her to discover our place in the world, and after we do, we move on to advance our career, rather than her redemptive cause!

We understand Jesus came for “the sick” (Mark 2:17), and yet still duck with surprise when the spiritually sick start showing symptoms.

And I understand, the spiritual bar of God’s holiness is non- negotiable, yet his sheep still need a shepherd, don’t they?

Sad thing (more than we would like to admit) is that most times, It’s we who need the church most because we are only safest there, within a body of believers.

God says it was “his intention that through the church, the manifold

wisdom of God be made known to the rulers and authorities in the heavenly

realms” (Eph 3:10)

We already know God uses the foolish things of this world to shame the wise (1 Cor 1:27), so if a couple of broken limbs have disappointed you, what a great opportunity to cry out to their great physician (after all, you might be the next patient anyway)

He did not come for the healthy (Mark 2:17), so don’t try to change his mission, rather extend it. Forgive and “leave room for God’s wrath (Rom 12:19)”,

look in the mirror and remove your log first.  Rather than sleeping in on Sunday morning and prioritizing secondary

things, schedule to gather with fellow believers, kiss their babies, ask about their week, deliver their birthday gift and commit to giving your talent and

time towards his expression in the  universe – church.  Way much better than what the world offers!  Author Bill Hybels was right

“the local church is the hope of the world”

I am nodding too!




  1. Really encouraged by this Muleefu, and I pray that even when I grow weary of the body I will keep coming trusting in what she is becoming more than what she is.

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