image source: christart.com

Have you met a burdened soul lately? 

Have you seen one whose dress is too short to cover a wounded soul?

Have you watched them typing away on their computer with yester-night’s thoughts still bothering?

Have you seen them clad on Monday morning  with saturday’s encounter still weighing?

No, you haven’t. You haven’t seen any. and I understand, because you don’t look on the inside – only God does.(1 Sam 16:7)

Yet many of us carry burdens daily we were never meant to.

A broad smile behind the counter is not enough to tell you the pains of her cheating husband.

Her former classmate across the road also employs her skimpy dress to sedate her workmates and marinate her insecurities, concurrently.

He can’t stand the weight of  a quarrelsome wife at home so he’s often the last to leave the parking lot.

The guilt of a recent abortion turns her into a domineering kind.

You could improve this list and the christian understanding would still stay the same.

That the effects of Adam’s fall remain with us all, that’s what Isaiah saw when he wrote

“all have fallen short(Is 53:6) “

Doesn’t matter whether you are the supervisor or the skimpy one,the PHD holder or the receptionist.

Our sin comes with the heaviest weights.

Who knows, Jesus must have seen the burden options before he remarked.

“My burden is light and my yoke is easy(Matt 11:30) “

because like the writer of 1 John confirms.

“His commands are not burdensome. (1John 5:3)”

The writing is on the wall, the burden of obedience is much lighter than the burden of sin and disobedience.

This is where the ball crosses into your courts.

Which burden do you prefer?


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