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Would you stand a dead body in the house on Christmas day? 

Me too, I wouldn’t . 

Yet many of us would care less about sharing Christ to a spiritually dead relative across the dining table on the day our saviour was born. 

Which brings us to the question, how can we celebrate the birth of a saviour we have not known? 

If scripture calls us  “dead in our transgressions (Eph 2:5) “  before we enter fellowship with his son, how can we all of sudden become “alive” to spiritual things on December 25th?  

If our memory of Jesus is slightly higher than Sunday school, how do we expect to see him  in our hearts next Wednesday morning?  

How shall we “sing joy to the world” without having tasted the joy that is “complete” (John 15:11)  throughout the year?   

If our Bible has been  dusty all year, how do we expect all of a sudden partake of “the bread of life.” (John 6:35)  

I am afraid that unless a miracle of conversion happens on December 24th (or earlier) we will still plan the Christmas menu without the bread of life.

25th Dec will still pass and leave us “dead in our transgressions.” 

Now i see, it’s possible to enter the king’s palace and be content at gazing at the carpet while we miss the majesty. 

It’s possible to admire the carpet of Christmas and miss the majesty of the day – Christ.   

Shouldn’t this be a day to remind ourselves of greatest invasion of earth? The day splendour took on a toddler and not for indulgence but for redemption, not with materialism but with meekness? 

I am afraid that If we are content with Christmas without Christ, we’ll eventually only settle for rice dishes and meat pies – what a cheap alternative!  

This is God entering human affairs so that we may become the righteousness of Christ( 2 Cor 5:21) . So that in the son “we may have life” (1John 5:12) 

This is “God reconciling the world to himself,” (2 Cor 5:19)  the world that was held “prisoner to sin. ” (Gal 3;22)  

Whatever you get up to soon, don’t miss that. Christ is actually the first six letters of the word-Christmas. Share him with a spiritually dead on the dining table this season.  

Preferably before the rice dishes arrive.   

Oh wait, did i just wish you a Merry Christmas? 


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