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Things have changed indeed.

Have you seen the way people arrive and wait at the the bus stop one of these days?

Amazing, I have a chance to witness the scene day in, day out.

But this particular day stood out.

The first man to arrive was middle aged, he told me he worked with a leading bank in town, life had thrown him lemons so he had decided to make lemonade, his last girlfriend left him and he still has her picture in his smartphone. You want to know what he carried to the bus stop?

A rocking chair.

Yes, a rocking chair of bitterness, he told me he was going to wait for the bus in that chair.


But that was not it yet, the other three wealthy looking middle-aged men across the road (headed to the bus stop ) fidgeted  with the weight of cables and a  television set, I told them life was more than amusement and also insisted there was no socket at the bus stop, yet they insisted ,theirs was  re-chargeable and besides, life was about fun.


The guy with the rocking  chair vowed to rock back and forth  while rehearsing his anger until the bus was here.


The girls who came later, carrying a long couch wanted to get cozy with the “men of their dreams” before the bus arrived. Life, they said, was about getting hitched and hooked –  after all.


Someone even dared to bring a 6*6 bed at the bus stop . Their argument? “You only live once” (YOLO)  so they needed some Indulgence on the large bed,yes – at the bus stop!

And yet we all knew the bus was around the corner , we’d heard the hooting and the bus service rules were clear, no clutter  on the bus, even the passenger pamphlet put it clearly, “for we brought nothing into this world and it is certain we can carry nothing out”   (1Tim 6:7)


And yet many  continued to arrive at the bus stop  with king size beds,reputation badges and insurance plans.

Some even went back to the trading centre to shop for “life at the bus stop” – want to read their shopping list?

1.Wealth accumulation

2.The love of money


4.Illicit sex
5.Self promotion
6. God-ignoring entertainment.


Earth is supposed to be a bus stop, Jesus, the bus, is coming and  the trumpet is about to blow.

So why the fuss?

3 thoughts on “LIFE AT THE BUS STOP.

  1. Cool and insightful. Where you hiding bro police is looking for you. You have got questions to answer as to why your writing has greatly improved,and whether you are Sharing your talent. Freely you received,freely you give.

  2. … life had thrown him lemons so he had decided to make lemonade….
    Still chewing on that. Someone once said that we always falter at basics. This may be a good time to reexamine our lives before we cross over to 2014

    Thanks Muleefu for the creative writing

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