ImageLets admit, a godly woman is hard to resist.

I mean, how do you resist a girl with an eternal perspective?

And those who are married to one will agree, a girl who knows her Lord will save you a thousand headaches, if not Insomnia.

Wedding preparations won’ t have to be about her, her and her, because she no longer lives, “the life she lives by faith in the son of God who gave up himself for her.” Gal 2:20.

In submission she rejoices, not because it’s easy but because it frees her, frees her to pursue her roles as God intended. Not because it makes  her inferior (because it doesn’t) but because it appropriately defines her roles.

She doesn’t view your leadership as dominion but as God-ordained protection, care.

Decency is a requirement rather than an  option for her; because she knows modesty is fundamentally a heart issue.

The church girl, you wont hear her tell you things like  “Without you I cant live” because her identity is not in the relationship; her identity is in her  Lord, in whom she “lives, moves and has her being. ” (Acts 17:28)

She values her career and education yet home still remains her focus, Her futuristic conversations delight more in words like “meals home together ” than “masters degrees”.

She doesn’t believe “a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” yet the meals she prepares betray her on that one.

Where as her fashion sense can drop any jaw, her latest jewellery does not define her; she knows decency is more important than denim. She thinks “a gentle spirit” (1Pet 3:4) is more valuable than a Giorgio jacket.

Many have met someone who looked like one, but later discovered she wasn’t – and that’s fine- just don’t rule out the possibility.

But if you find one, let me know, I will endeavour to contribute to your wedding, because a godly girl is hard to find. Even the scriptures say it,  “a good wife comes from the Lord. ( Prov 19:14) ”

Something tells me I know one, hope you too.


  1. Eddie thanks for this, I really like. and I agree entirely. I am not intimidated by submission at all. You know Eddie, with writers like you, there is hope for Africa.

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