If you’ve watched the TV channel E (or just typical television) , you’ll know what I am talking about.

You’ll know what it feels like to watch a talk show host exchange timeless truth for a human philosophy. You will know what it feels to watch a prominent Christian famble around biblical truth in the name of “being loving”.

Your jaw will drop and your eyes will widen as you watch a movie star redefine marriage-right in front of the cameras.

An influential and talented gay artiste will leave you wondering whether actually “female and male he made them(Gen 5:2) ”.

You will know how it feels to see a celebrity crooner “chase the wind”(Eccl 2:11) ” and later call it “vanity of  vanities” on his deathbed (just like the wise man) ,and  without anyone learning from them  – not even the upcoming artistes.

You will marvel at a generation of young women drunk on career success, fashion and sex while downplaying homemaking, modesty and covenant marriage.

You will stare in disbelief at a popular athlete who confesses his leaked sexual exploits in a press conference.

During the commercials, you will shake your head sideways at the importance attached to sensuality and passing earthly treasures.

You will then wonder why fashion,rather than character, looks rather than conviction; wallets rather than wisdom have to define anybody.

Most of all, you will marvel at the entire God-ignoring culture that prizes the perishable and undervalues the imperishable.

But maybe you wont be too surprised, perhaps like me, you will remember  “lust of the flesh, eyes, the pride of life” in 1 John 2:16.

And perhaps after you’ve placed back the remote control, your heart will finally rest.

Rest with full knowledge that God has actually “placed the wicked on slippery ground(Ps 73:18) ” , even if now,  “pride is their necklace. “(Ps73:6 )

Maybe your already stirred lust for the perishable will now be rescued by the truth that – “friendship with the world is enmity towards God.”  (James 4:4)

It’s then that that you will look up to the sky  and thank God for rescuing you when you were“darkened in your understanding (Eph 4:18)” and  “dead in your transgressions.” (Eph2:1)

Perhaps you will thank him for“enlightening the eyes of your understanding. ” (Eph 1:18) , “renewing your mind” (Rom 12:2) and quenching the vain lusts of   your heart with a new master Jesus, through whom you are a different slave – to righteousness- rather than sin. (Rom 6:18)

More importantly, all this will stir your evangelism again.  Maybe.

And you see, after that, your TV experience will never be the same again. For your eyes will water every time you grab the remote control.

And your heart  will bleed at the “things the world treasures.”


  1. WOW! This reminds me of the day my dad and I, unknowing of the explicit nature of Spartacus – watched it. I wanted to hit the pause button countless times but I just couldn’t so we were stuck for the next 45 minutes. I expected a lecture after that, but, instead to my surprise my dad drew out a great life lesson out of it. It was one of the times in life that I remembered that I was in the world but not of it and what happens around me is a silent gratitude of the salvation received or knowledge needed to share what I have received.

    Thank you for the piece.

    1. i know josh,TV today is the microcosm of the world,if you want to see some carnality,pick your remote and bemoan the God-ignoring entertainment-fatal!

      Thanks for dropping by here,come again please

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