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Think I now know why Mark Twain said he could live on a compliment for a month.


The praises of men can be intoxicating I am telling you!


I mean, you should have come with me to that Monday evening meeting.


 Somewhere in the discussion, a colleague chipped in,thanking me publicly for something I had helped them attain. From the corner of my eye, it was possible to realize heads where turning in my direction. And there I sat, unmoved. (my false humility i guess)


Until somebody quipped.


“How come Eddie is not smiling?”  – As if to question my indifference to everything that was happening.

And my answer that evening – by the grace of God – is the title of this article.


How can a dead man smile?


“How can we who “died” to sin live in it any longer (Rom6:2)?”  Not that smiling back at compliments is sin, but just that our response to the praises of men can be,and God calls us to be cautious here. For “no flesh shall glory in his presence(1 Cor 1:29)”.


Looks like God keeps his eye on the way handle applause. By promising to “oppose the proud and give grace to the humble.” (James4:6)


And just so you know, the consequences may be fatal, ask the two Kings.


 Herod and  Nebuchadnezzar.


One was eaten by worms (in his seat moreover) because “he did not give glory to God.” (Acts 12:23) and the later was subjected to a raw vegetarian diet. (Eating grass) for seven years.(Dan 4:33)


Reason? –pride. Sometimes a consequence of how we handle the praises of men.


I mean, with those tragic examples, I can only ask .


“How can a dead man smile? “


Tell me -how?

6 thoughts on “HOW CAN A DEAD MAN SMILE?

  1. @Eddie Ssemakula, You pulled me on this one but again same one may not show physical expression if you agree with me but well in their hearts you know what I mean, example of the story of the father and his san when he told him to sit and the san said am sited but in my heart am standing you know the story but thank you I got the point, now the question is since the eyes are the gat way to soul can my heart be heating well I put a smile on face?@Eddie Ssemakula

    1. Sure Patrick,and that’s what the article is about,it’s not about “smiling” literally,it’s about the “hidden person of the heart.Thanks for dropping by brother.

      1. well…. i guess when u are dead, it is death indeed…… we can only smile in christ alone…. cause thats where we are alive and have life in abundance….

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