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Iam no longer sure whether a watch is the best gift to buy a young woman on her birthday.


Two reasons.


One – looks like some women-even godly ones- have developed a weird relationship with the clock.


Not that some fair maiden you are planning to  send a Swiss watch as a  birthday present is going to reject it,  but just that many , especially young unmarried  women in their late twenties, would detest what that gift watch represents these days –time, time .


Looks like many young adult women, Christian or not, have adopted the “ticking clock” mentality as a red flag as they approach their 30’s .    


Somebody, somewhere at a wedding reception or a bridal shower joked at their delay in “getting hitched” and that “sank”.


 Maybe ever since Adam and Eve’s wedding reception party they’ve been grabbing the bouquet in vain.


Of course I won’t delve into the biological aspect of it all, but I beg to still express my discomfort at the fact that many of today’s Christian women may be taking the old saying “time waits for no man’s business” quite literally.


 Am afraid!


I am terrified a huge number may be actually be crash-landing into marriages every other Saturday, unprepared just because they couldn’t stand the persistent click of that ticking clock.


Worse still, I am afraid even ladies who serve the author of time and profess faith in Christ have swallowed the carnal line of “you- better- grab -yourself –a- man- before- your- 30’s,lest ..  


Yet my Bible here still insists that “the just (whether women or men) shall live by faith.” (Heb 10:38) 


And you see, popular culture hasn’t helped either, besides Idolizing marriage as the finish line for everyone (guys and girls alike ) , it has aggravated everything by subtly counseling  that  young women may  actually “tie a man down” in commitment by  getting  pregnant as soon as possible, even if it’s outside covenant marriage!  

Whatever happened!


And for you my Christian sister reading, don’t ask me where I get the authority to delve into such sensitive girl talk because I am actually a qualified “sister’s keeper” (just a reminder).


 My prayer though is that you (if this applies) will “not conform to the standards of this world but will be transformed in the renewing of your mind (Rom 12:2)” as you look to Jesus and let the clock tick.

Remembering that only him actually “makes everything beautiful in its time (Ecc 3:11)”



You may as well ask Sarah – Abraham’s wife.


Let the clock tick -woman!


After all ,you serve it’s author




One thought on “LET THE CLOCK TICK – WOMAN!

  1. Haha Eddie let me you have nailed it, just what l was thinking yesterday after l told people how old l was, to me the author of time is my lord and when he sees it fit He will bring this very much coveted institution my way but for now, l will walk hand in hand with my maker who is by the way Mine Husband (Is 54:5)

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