I am writing this with sweat under my arms.

I have just (involuntarily) walked a distance meant to be covered by vehicles. Reason?  I just mishandled my personal finances and that left no room for me to have enough money for transport (Good way there to go around the simple sentence “I am broke” uh?)

So I have walked.

Sad thing though is not the walking, sad thing is the story behind the walking.

The fact that I have not saved up enough to cater for emergencies like these. The fact that I have been careless, selfish,instantaneous, random and generally foolish in my finances.Thank God I serve a merciful God and through Christ Jesus, I have an opportunity to repent and receive forgiveness for my sin – even my financial sins. Because yeah, my financial foolishness too was taken care of at the cross.

Thanks be to God!  But before I miss the lesson in celebration, God has some stern expectations of me from his word regarding the way I open my wallet.And guess where he points me to –in the anthill- yes, of all places.

Scripture commands the financially foolish like me to “look to the ants and be wise” (Prov 6:6) .Ants store up, know the seasons and take care of their affairs quite well.Maybe I need to emulate so I can be able to able to also take you for lunch someday.

And perhaps show up for the appointment without sweat under my arms. How about that?


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