Forget your Vaseline,Moses got his shine from meeting God,you too can.

Except for ladies.

Go to any cosmetic school and you will be taught, shining faces and ladies don’t match.

Proof? I will give you one,

My former high school classmates.

These girls!

You would practically see them pale – as in pale! After the lunch break. Pale from copa girl or powder (if not both)

Up until now, I still suspect their idea was to prevent a shining face, and they succeeded at that.

Boy! Girls looked flawless in those afternoon classes!

Now enter Moses.

Another fellow to whom a shining face teaches us something deeper

Scripture tells us Moses after meeting God on the mountain descended with what?

A shining face (Exodus 34:29)

Don’t miss it, guy came down with a glow.he’d had been to a place of communion with God .Old testament language would call that “inner courts.” Musician Juanita Bynum would say he went “behind the veil.” My generation calls that “devotion”.

It’s that place Jesus advised us to “lock the doors behind us (Mathew 6:6)”, a place of spending time with God, reading his word meditating and praying.

Jesus saw it’s worth while visiting Martha and Mary at their apartment and told Martha that her sister  “had chosen what was more important and that it would not be taken from her.(Luke 10:42)”

King David was there too and made his calculation “One day in the house of the lord is better than a thousand elsewhere (Psalm 84:10)”

Before he could sign out, he also noted “He who turns in the secret place of the most high shall abide in the shadow of the almighty” (Psalm 91:1)

Trust me, in that secret place, no one comes out pale.

Whether you are a Lady or a gentleman, it still pays to have a shining face.

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