What can the World’s youngest nation learn from Israel?

I will pretend I have not heard about the recent deportation of several south Sudanese nationals from Tel Aviv, Israel.

My caution is that if (you are Sudanese) and the thought of this tough Israeli action springs up somewhere while you are reading this, kindly consider suffocating it.

As you do that though though, consider turning the other cheek and picking up some lessons from the Jewish majority state , a nation that may as well be a blackboard for the youngest nation in the world -yours.

few weeks back  I met Patrick, a 20 something south Sudanese at a Christian missions conference in Kampala Patrick left Sudan at 12 years, lived in the US and now, probably close to his thirties, he’s coming back to Juba to advance the cause of the gospel.

Patrick’s story reminded me of the Jewish aspirations too, after the holocaust, to return to Zion:  or to be, exact, the land of Israel.

Among other similarities, I realize South Sudan may as well have a lot of other lessons to learn from the sons of Jacob.

Of course Israel’s foes Palestine reminded me of South Sudan’s r foes too – Khartoum, ok,i see,not a good comparison to start with

Anyway,similarly, Jewish holocaust survivors are starting a new life in isreal, many south Sudanese are starting theirs in the south.

While I do not wish the longstanding Palestine –Israeli conflict to be emulated anywhere, I wish South Sudan could pick up some notes from Israel’s wealthy spiritual history.

Number one.

I hope that as Sudan’s oil wealth increases, they will not set their heart on it. (Deuteronomy 8:17)

I pray that the Christian majority in the south will be able to confidently say the God who rescued Israel will be the same God to bring back all exiled south Sudanese to rebuild their country.

I hope my southern Sudanese brothers will adopt the spirit of Nehemiah(in encouraging returning Jews)and embark on encouraging returning Sudanese world over to rebuild Juba’s community and spread the gospel, plant Churches , things that may eventually prove pivotal in rebuilding their nation.

I hope that the leaders in the south seeking to rebuild, will be able – like Israel’s Nehemiah did –  to “pray and post guards” (Nehemiah 4:9) to their  national rehabilitation work as they meet the threats of poverty ,tribalism, disease, corruption among others.

I hope that from Tel Aviv to Juba,-similar to their returning Jewish exiles recorded in Nehemiah 8:17,Southern Sudan’s “joy  will be complete (John 16:24).”

Good place to start i guess.

2 thoughts on “FROM TEL AVIV TO JUBA

  1. while I admire your positivity and the resiliency of the Jews , I do not think their is a lot (in my opinion) that they can learn from a country predominately inhabited by Jews and I should add Spiritually speaking to be exact. I believe with all my heart that through this tumultuous period in their development, like the founding fathers of the USA will only find comfort, satisfaction and most importantly direction in the Lord, in the Gospel, the good news of our Lord Jesus Christ. It is character(the heart) of the South sudanese that will be important to change and not just seeking to copy behaviour regardless of how excellent it may be.

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