The bedroom battle.

It cost him his jacket.

“My jacket? My values?”  He probably contemplated.

What was he going to choose?

Joseph’s story still amazes me. Not because of my Sunday school diagram memories ( if I still have them anyway) but because, at 27 years, I –like Joseph- still find myself leaving my jacket in places – of course not in girl’s bedrooms .(Stop judging, you!)

But places – places that represent Potiphar’s bedroom. And you know them; you have been there, haven’t you?

You get the invitation card and check the bottom to see whether beer will be served. Choice – You leave your jacket.

30 minutes into the movie and the swearing makes you wonder what Jesus would do if he were seated in the same couch? Choice – You leave your jacket.

You hear a line from Oprah Winfrey about “self” .You wonder   whether it has biblical support. Choice –you leave your jacket.

You are in the accountant’s office with your workmates ready to sign and you wonder whether the “backdating” language is kingdom stuff. Choice – You leave your jacket.

You notice her awkward sitting posture and wonder whether you should take a second glance. Choice-you leave your jacket.

Our days are filled with choices to love our jacket and risk sin or leave our jacket and embrace freedom.

I hope we don’t miss out on Jesus joy by lowering our values.

I hope we leave our jacket when we remember Jesus’s words

“Whoever must come after me must deny himself, take up the cross and follow me (Matthew 16:24).”

Because truth is, leaving nice jackets behind  has never been easy stuff.

Ask Joseph.

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