Some truths are too powerful to keep.

Take for example the one I recently learnt from a friend – Jimmy.

Jimmy told me about “common grace” the other day and the images that came to mind since haven’t left  yet.

Images of Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson, and Lebron James.

Wait I explain,

These came to mind when he talked about the “common grace” God unleashes on us  even when we do not know Jesus as Lord and savior yet.

I remembered the exquisite voice of Whitney Houston and how it warmed all of us, I remembered the locomotive knack of Michael Jackson and how it mesmerized audiences. The athletic ability of Miami Heat’s Lebron James that keeps the NBA fan adrenaline going.

It’s like God still lavishly avails the world “common grace” through daily sunlight, rain, singing and athletic abilities, name it – even before we openly know and acknowledge him through his son Jesus Christ.

I am talking about that moment where you hear an exceptional musical voice– but only and cheaply used to glorify a woman’s body.

Okay, maybe that’s a bit too stretched, you’ve heard those songs in which a stunning voice is used to tear down a  fellow music artiste.

Exactly what I am talking about.

Good voice on a perverted theme, yet God doesn’t withdraw the good voice anyway.

C.G.I.A – Common grace in action.

In one breath, it is kindness available for our taking even before we attain saving grace .it’s the kind of “God permission”  available for us to still sing, act ,dance and enjoy God’s gifts well even when we don’t know ,treasure  and live for him yet.

It’s the kind that Jesus meant when he talked of God allowing it to rain and shine on both the wicked and the righteous (Matt 5:45) ”

Common grace-it’s more like the 90 minutes God gives us for a football match.

Saving grace- more like the extra time we get in the same match.

Common grace, sometimes   it appears through our relationships with those who know Jesus and we don’t.

Think of the blessing in Potiphar’s house when   Joseph had a sleepover (Gen 39:5).

Think of Apostle Paul’s counsel for those who were already married to unbelievers before they became Christians, and his point of how “the faith of their believing wives  sanctifies their husbands and viceversa” (1 Cor 7:14)’ “

Common  grace, guess we can’t entirely   rely on it,

It’s just a vehicle to drive and point us towards the arriving unmerited saving grace.

Could this be what God means when he says  “ he is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. He is patient with us, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance”.? (2 Pet 3; 9)

Oh yeah, and thanks to my friend Jimmy, whose own grace has allowed me to almost transcribe his entire sermon message into an article like this.

I wonder what kind of grace he has.

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