British journalist Michela Wrong saw them when she titled her book “It’s our turn to eat”.

A book about corruption in Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki’s Government.

She probably saw them dosing on budget day, sipping tea in government offices and convincing hundreds at a village playground.

Maybe she also saw them folding bribes in clenched fists to security guards, forging accommodation receipts to get the extra “per diem”, yes, perhaps she also saw them asking the receptionist to write an open receipt.

Oh yeah, she also saw them writing this article.

Those to whom Apostle Paul said   “their god is their stomach (Phil 3:19)”- I fell culprit the other day.

Broke, I decided to randomly   check my ATM (You know those things).

Aw! You guessed right, I found some unexpected monies, and the internal dialogue began.

“Eddie, you’ve actually just withdrawn money that’s not yours”

“Wah, this is a blessing, it’s been tight, even God understands.”

“What about going back to find out?”

“Hmh, I will first use it and report maybe.”

“But isn’t that like putting your stomach first, as your Lord?”

“You have a point, yet I always claim Jesus is my lord”

“Then if he’s your lord, do the right thing.”

“But most people would eat this money Lord”

“Yes, and you are not “most people”, are you?”

“If you claim I am your lord, you should be taking an extra step, “narrow is the gate” Mathew (7: 14) remember?”

“I know Lord, I know but…”

“Yes you know but it’s now time to act”

“You can’t claim I am your Lord yet your stomach is. “

I got the point, my appetite was slowly becoming a god.Something Apostle Paul and Michela would agree to.

I reported and my bank promised to debit my account as someone’s salary had – mistakenly – been deposited there.I made sure I didn’t miss the big point though.

And I didn’t.

Thank God.


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