I personally don’t mind scrolling scripture.

  Neither do I consult when I intend to throw on my blue jeans on Sunday Morning.

 As in, I don’t mind “cool”

 And you can’t blame me.

 Am young. (Of course my peers disagree) but for crying out loud, am just 27, duh!

 Anyway, it’s just that I am Increasingly  becoming scared about the recent effort by Churches.

 A recent effort by Churches to appeal to me and my 20-something peers.

 I thought Paul said the gospel is “power unto salvation”  so why is today’s gospel being served with a piece of chocolate -every time.Isn’t Romans 1:16 sufficient?

 And yet I am learning one thing, my swag (If I possess any) hasn’t made anyone more original -.

 It’s studying and memorizing his inspired word that has made me more authentic real and joyful. Transforming me more “into the image and likeness of his son) 2 Cor 3:18”

As a result, I believe Iam becoming more of the person God intended me to be.

 I hope the preacher next Sunday will think about this before getting up the pulpit.

 I hope he puts away the candy and just gives me the word – the plain word.

 Oh yeah, your preacher too.

 Just a thought.

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