While many know about Ivan Kata, Makerere University’s New Guild President, not many have heard from his Lady Vice President Rhionah Musoke, an outspoken second year Library and Information student.

Is it okay if I call you Rihanna?

No, Rhionah is my name, a name that my Auntie gave me.

Do you often get people mispronouncing your name?

All the time, wherever people hear that, they mispronounce, it gets mixed up, all the time.

What was your childhood like?

It was not exactly stable until I was eight years old, my mum left the country to go and work in Japan. I then lived with my grand and step parents,I was never in one place for  a long time, maybe in High school when I saw my Mum and lived with her again throughout my high school days.

Anything memorable about your high school?

I went to St Joseph Nagalama and I was very loud and cheeky .I loved dancing .Unfortunately people perceive differently those who love dancing so most of my abilities in leadership and speaking were overshadowed by how people perceived those who love dancing.

So how did you ascend to become MUK Vice Guild President?

When I joined in first year I met two law students who become friends  ,they later introduced me to Ivan Kata.I remember we continued to visit him until he convinced us to join Uganda Young Democrats. I wasn’t prominent then but he probably noticed I had the prowess through our conversations and I believe that influenced his decision to choose me as his Vice president.

Any Achievements in office so far?

Being part of the guid cabinet and council meetings that are ensuring the internship policy is revised and organizing corporate functions especially have been great experiences.

I understand you are a “Crocodile” from Complex girls Hall, what do you think of your Mitchell husbands –the “rats”?

My take on the Mitchell boys is that they are good boys. Though they can be extreme sometimes. Some -not all- are disrespectful .For one to be recognized as a man, you need to respect women, it tells us who you are going to be as a man. The vulgarity and gropping is not a sign of that.

What’s your take on Women emancipation?

I think some women have taken it too far, it seems like some Women are saying they do not need a man .I can do it on my own. In my view a woman is a strong pillar, a nurturer directing the life of a child, I do not believe men are useless in our society, we can still work together for a whole society, women can’t do it on their own, and of course we have seen the problems that come with children raised by single parents.

Tell us about your Christian Convictions?

I got born again in my primary school but got serious with God in my senior five, third term, it’s there that I decided I was going to live for God and his purposes.

Your Favorite scriptures?

Jeremiah 29:11 and Ephesians2:10, “For we are his workmanship,created in Christ Jesus to do good works”

Are you seeing anybody?

Yes I am, On sat 5th of May, we will be marking five months, like they say, when you relate you start knowing who you really are. I have learnt a lot but we are still going strong.

How does it feel to be a girl, saved and at Campus?

Challenging, the moment you declare you are borngain, a certain standard is set, failure is not an option, I mean,I don’t club, night bashes are no go for me. It’s challenging because you start to feel “Iam missing out on this” especially in the beginning  you feel on the brink but as time has progressed, I’ve been  grateful as I have witnessed all the consequences that come with this kind of deliquency.

Being saved at campus saves you a lot; you are able to publicly live for what you stand for, sexual purity for example.

What is your message for your generation of girls out there?

Don’t waste your life. Use your time at campus to build yourself as a woman of character –without compromise.

Your take on Ingrid Turinawe?

Oh God! That’s a personal question; I don’t what to be quoted

(I insisit for her opinion until she succumbs)

It’s a good thing for her to stand for what she believes in, it’s a sign of courage, however she needs to rethink the way she approaches issues, chaos is not a bridge to achievement and most definitely not a virtue for young people to emulate.

Have you rejected any facebook requests?

No, I haven’t rejected any.



  1. “Challenging, the moment you declare you are borngain, a certain standard is set, failure is not an option”…i like

  2. Am proud of you Rhionah. This is just the beginning but I am more than certain that greater things are yet to come your way…just keep up the spirit.

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