Kampala Comedian Bob  Ambrose once joked  about a Pastor who told  his congregation that  “Jeremiah was eaten by a  fish in the book of  Abraham”,here is why I  think he had a point..

I will never forget the day I heard a University professor misquote the Bible.

I had been sent to represent my bosses at a workshop and while giving his closing remarks, the University professor quoted -something I actually knew was a saying from my kiganda culture- as a scripture from the Bible. While summing up his presentation he threw the line towards the audience.

“Even the bible says tell me who you move with and I will tell you who you are.” He remarked

As I sat back and pondered, I realized that actually wasn’t in the scriptures ,I actually started thinking about how much stuff is thrown at us these days which If weighed would b found biblically wanting .

And not even in workshops but Churches-yes, spelt with a capital C.

It was the American author Max Lucado that once mused at the number of Americans that actually believe “God helps those who help themselves” is in the Bible.

Why do I think we aren’t any different?

We have heaped up for ourselves unbiblical philosophies and sayings and convinced ourselves that this is God’s word.

Maybe we should learn the art of asking hard questions

Two-word Questions like,

Which scripture?

I suspect this is what Apostle Paul detected in the Colossian Church and warned against “old wives tales”1Timothy 4:7 fables, and high sounding nonsense(Col 2:8-15) .Televangelists on Channel Colossia probably coined words like “if you can believe it, you have it”

They probably preached that “God helps those who help themselves” and asked their congregation to “claim it.”

And you don’t need 3D frames to tell the similarity in Colossia’s spiritual climate and what we hear in some of our churches today- . Do you?

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