So you wake up, afraid of the deadline.

But then on the pillow you remember the last line of that text in 2 Timothy 1:7

…”Not a spirit of fear but of love power and a sound mind.”

You somehow drag your feet to the cold floor and hit the bathroom, the thought of a long day on the same desk hits you, and you murmur something along the lines of

“This is the day that the lord has made (Psalm 118:24)” and it supersedes.

Well maybe not yet, as the tout ushers you in the taxi, the car radio is blasting on high volume, two radio presenters alongside a clown with a forged upcountry accent are pulling off some sexualized jokes.

7:25am! you wonder what has befallen your country’s media, throughout the journey, you keep taking thoughts captive (2 Cor 10:5).”

Time to get out, the tabloids lay inviting on the sidewalks but like King David you declare “I will set before my eyes no vile thing (Ps 101:31)”

That’s until you reach your workplace, you switch on your computer and hmmph!

You can’t see the files you saved on the desk top yesterday. How did they disappear? Your eyes close as your fists hit the table. When you are reminded “all things work together (Rom 8:28)” – you sit up.

For a while that recollection settles you until your supervisor walks in, she wants yesterday’s report. You ask the lord to bail but there seems no immediate solution.

As she impatiently calls you names, barks and yells, you prefer to say little or nothing back knowing that “God gives grace to the humble, but opposes the proud.” (Prov 3:34)

The situation returns to calm at midday, and the office conversations swirl around you as you type away on your keyboard, you at one time actually wonder whether your workmates carry Corinthian passports, I mean, the vulgar jokes and all.

That’s until someone calls your name and asks for your opinion, you fake the smile and remember the verse” Whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, think about such things” (Phil 4:8) you gulp and withhold your comment.

Well maybe for a while, the jokes continue over lunchtime with your workmates, someone throws a comment about a passerby’s dress and you are tempted to glance, but then you remember “I have made a convenant with my eyes not to look lustfully over a girl(Job 31:1)” –you stick to your fork, eyes firmly planted on the plate.

Back on your work table,a  vibration goes off and somebody at home is calling – some family issue, you contemplate “assuring” them as they continue to rumble but then you remember “do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouth(Eph 4:29)”  so you choose to bear the insults.

Two hours to the end of the day and the temptation to lounge on social media is inviting but when you remember you are “working not as unto man but as unto the lord”(Col 3 :23) –you abandon the idea too.

The day ends and as you head back home, the traffic jam is unbelievable and so are Paul’s words “but the fruit of the spirit are Patience.. (Galatians 5:22).”

Home now, as you flip through the TV channels and unwind, something within beckons reminding you that the depravity and godlessness in that film is because it’s producers are part of your humanity whose hearts are “desperately wicked(Jeremiah 17:9) and have fallen short of God’s glory.” (Rom 3:23)

“They need a savior “you say as you switch off and retire to the serenity of your bedroom thanking God for the long day and his word hidden in your heart (Psalm 119:14). You kneel on your bedside and ask him to make you the kind that will desire to say- like David – “Heaven and earth have nothing I desire besides you” (Ps 73:25)

That Like him, you might also be able to genuinely say “As a deer panteth for water so my soul longs for you oh lord!(Psalm 42:1)

Panting deer lifestyle,uh?


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