Got your dinner ticket yet?

If not, come with me.

Come with me to the dinner table of grace. Like someone sang, ‘the cups are never empty’ here.

 Forget your small dining tables at the altar of money, fame and Godless entertainment.

 Leave those, come get nourished on the bread of life (John 6:35). God’s word is our cutlery.


When we are here-no diet compares.

 That’s why the hanging on the wall reads ‘Taste and see that the Lord is good’(Psalm 34:8)

 Just so you know, while here, your table manners are no big deal, some chew from the bowls of Leviticus, others from Numbers, while others gnaw and grind from Philippians.

 No problem, as long as you are munching- What matters is your spiritual health. Not the bowl you use.  And you will hear our master say it too ‘You search the scriptures looking for eternal life, yet they testify about me.(John 5:39)’

 Ofcourse some have taken the “table manners liberty” too far, walking away during mealtime. Demas for example, the guy who loved the present world (2 Tim 4:10). You’ll notice others like him too.


Others like him have settled for crumbs from the dining table, choosing religion over relationship, busyness over Bible study and schedules over prayer time. And the results have been noticeable.

 Utter malnourishment and dehydration –caused by consistent lack of peace, anxiety, worry and vain pursuits.

Diagnosis from the great physician reads ‘Without me you can do nothing,i am the vine and you are the branches (John 15:5)

 Oh, I almost forgot to tell you about the living water inside here, like big man likes telling us during meals ‘Whoever drinks of this water will never thirst again’(John 4:14)

 Our master’s invitation remains open to all, and like you’ll notice, the writing on the dining hall entrance reads.

‘I have food that you know nothing about(John 4:32)’

 So come eat, come.

 Just come.


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