Someone switched on the television the other day and it so happened that within spitting distance, I could see they were watching the highly acclaimed Mnet Big brother amplified currently running on that pay television. The next scenes I glimpsed were not as strange because I expected them.One of the insufficiently dressed girl kept strutting and turning in front of the prying eyes of another housemate as they practiced some dance moves, you could tell from it all that the cameras major focus was the girls waistline and the guys shifting eyes .

One can tell that ever since Ugandan representative Gaetano Kagwa’s escapades in the previous episodes of the same ,a lot of effort has been put by the proprietors of this reality show to put forward what sells the show-an imminent lookout for the next television sexual encounter . I find this absurd indeed. I find it absurd indeed that right in our living rooms, there is an intended plan to corrupt the wholesome. And wait, As if that’s not absurd enough.

What is even deeply absurd is the fact that millions of Christ followers are naively picking their remote control and tracking this display through and through . And if you thought it’s totally an unchristian issue, wait,it’s not just that-it’s also very unafrican. That’s why I would like to know, whose brother is big brother? Whose brother is big brother?

A kind of brother that allows their housemate sister to pull up her underwear after a bath not only in front of a prying TV audience but in front of a strange male figure they are not engaged too? Whose brother is that? Whose brother is that?

Whose brother is that that hoodwinks a generation of young adults bringing them daily scenes of imminent sexual encounters and physical compromise in a setting that is not committal ? Whose brother is that? Whose brother is that that gathers our blossoming young people, bundles them in a house together males and females and males and allows all of forms of physical involvement as we -fellow Africans- applaud in the name of entertainment, tell me whose brother is that?

Whose brother is big brother that consumes hours of our rather productive time idling away on the screen, whose brother is that? Whose brother is that that promotes the works of the flesh on global television? I don’t know about you but big brother is not my brother. I refuse to stand to see my family values eroded in the hands of this “big brother”.

No good brother pulls together a host of our young industrious men and women on the idea of anticipating a sexual encounter, that’s not my kind of brother. Big brother is obviously not my brother, whose brother is big brother?

“Everything is permissible but not everything is beneficial” – 1 Corinthians 10:23



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